Iliushin Il-28

Ilyushin Il-28

CountrySoviet Union
RoleMedium bomber
First flight8 July 1948

The Ilyushin Il-28 (Russian: Илью́шин Ил-28; NATO reporting name: Beagle) is a jet bomber of the immediate postwar period that was originally manufactured for the Soviet Air Forces. It was the Soviet Union’s first such aircraft to enter large-scale production. It was also licence-built in China as the Harbin H-5. Total production in the USSR was 6,316 aircraft, and over 319 H-5s were built. Only 187 examples of the HJ-5 training variant were manufactured. In the 1990s hundreds remained in service with various air forces over 50 years after the Il-28 first appeared. The only H-5s in service currently are approximately 80 aircraft which operate with the Korean People’s Air Force. The Il-28 has the USAF/DoD reporting name “Type 27” and NATO reporting name “Beagle”, while the Il-28U trainer variant has the USAF/DoD reporting name “Type 30” and NATO reporting name Mascot.

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Iliushin Il-28 Walk Around
PhotographerJanusz Swiatlon
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The Ilyushin Il-28 is a twin-engine jet bomber that was developed by the Soviet Union in the late 1940s. It was the first Soviet jet bomber to enter service and was widely exported to other countries. The Il-28 had a crew of three: a pilot, a navigator-bombardier and a tail gunner. It could carry up to 3,000 kg of bombs or rockets in an internal bomb bay and underwing pylons. The Il-28 was armed with two 23 mm cannons in the nose and a remotely controlled turret with two 23 mm cannons in the tail. The Il-28 had a maximum speed of 900 km/h and a range of 2,200 km. The Il-28 was used in various conflicts, such as the Korean War, the Suez Crisis, the Vietnam War and the Ogaden War. The Il-28 was retired from service by most operators in the 1980s, but some remained in use until the 1990s.

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