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Hawker Sea Fury

PeriodSecond world war

Album 23 photos walk-around of a hunter "Hawker Sea Fury"

Photo gallery on a Hawker Sea Fury, The Sea Fury était un chasseur britannique développé pour la Royal Navy par le constructeur Hawker-Siddeley durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Il fut le dernier appareil à hélice de la Royal Navy, l’un des plus rapides monomoteurs à pistons jamais construit, et le dernier chasseur à hélice à abattre un avion à réaction. Le Hawker Fury was the successor to the Hawker Typhoon and the Hawker Tempest. The Fury was designed in 1942 by the famous Sidney Camm in response to a call for tenders issued by the Royal Air Force to replace the Tempest II. Designed as a " Tempest in more light ", he used as his elder a wing of semi-elliptical, riveted to the center of the fuselage. The fuselage itself was similar to that of the Tempest, but fully monocoque with a cockpit raised to provide a better visibility to the driver.

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