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Hawker Sea Fury

PériodeSeconde guerre mondiale

Album 26 photos walk-around of the hunter Hawker Sea Fury

Photo gallery on a hunter Hawker Sea Fury FBII, The Sea Fury was a hunter british developed for the Royal Navy by the builder Hawker-Siddeley during the Second world War. It was the last device of the propeller of the Royal Navy, one of the fastest single-engine piston ever built and the last aircraft propeller to shoot down a jet aircraft.

The Hawker Fury took the estate of the Hawker Tempest and the Hawker Typhoon. Developed in 1942 by engineer Sidney Camm to respond to a call for tenders having been issued by the RAF (Royal Air Force) and for the replacement of the Tempest II, which was exceeded. The basic concept is to design a Tempest by making it lighter with the use of his wing semi-elliptic positioned in the center of the fuselage, which was itself identical to that of the Tempest. The differences between the two aircraft was the monocoque and the cockpit raised, which provided the pilot better visibility.

Source: Hawker Sea Fury Wikipedia

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