Curtiss P-40 i Action - Skvadron Signal 26

Skvadronen Signal

SerienFly I Aksjon

Curtiss P-40 i Aksjon


En dokumentasjon signert Skvadronen Signal le livre "Curtiss P-40 i Action – Skvadron Signal 26" .

Noen fly design har hatt som odd eller kompleks bakgrunn som P-40 serien. Faktisk kan man undres hvorfor Air Corps valgt å gi H-75P en betegnelse annet enn en dash nummer i P-36-serien siden det var i utgangspunktet en re-engined P-36A. Spin-offs fra P-36 design resulterer ikke bare i P-40, men den XP-37, XP-42, XP-46, XP-53, XP-60, og XP-62 pluss de gitt Y betegnelser og ulike dash tall.

Ignorerer Curtiss Hawk biplanes, the family tree of the P-40 would seem to have its tap roots in the XP-934 Curtiss Swift of 1932 vintage. Although some experience in the low-wing monoplane type was gained when the company produced its famed Shrike series of attack planes, the Swift, or XP-31 as it was designated by the Air Corps, was their first low-wing pursuit design. By one of those odd quirks, the Swift initially was powered by an in-line engine which gave way to a more powerful radial, just the reverse of the P-36 to P-40 design development. The XP-31 was not successful with either engine and the design was soon abandoned (It did earn the dubious distinction of being the last U.S. pursuit plane with a fixed landing gear). The Curtiss Company’s fortunes took a downward turn in the pursuit field when the Boeing P-26A was selected by the Air Corps over the XP-31.

Curtiss P-40 i Action - Skvadron Signal 26
Curtiss P-40 i Action – Skvadron Signal 26
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