Pepper J5A terning

Piper J-5

Land Norge , Norge
Rolle Lette verktøyfly
Første flytur July 1939
Bygget 1507
Den Piper J-5 Cub Cruiser was a larger, more powerful version of the basic Piper J-3 Cub. It was designed just two years after the J-3 Cub, and differed by having a wider fuselage with the pilot sitting in the front seat and two passengers sitting in the rear seat. Equipped with a 75-hp Continental engine the plane’s cruising speed was 75 mph. Though officially a three-seater, it would be more accurately described as a “two-and-a-half-seater”, as two adults would find themselves quite cramped in the wider rear seat. The Cruiser sold for $1,798 when it was first designed.
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Sikorsky MH-60J

Sikorsky MH-60 Jayhawk

Land Norge , Norge
Rolle Mellomdistanse bergingshelikopter
Første flytur 8 August 1989
Bygget 40+
Den Sikorsky MH-60T Jayhawk is a multi-mission, twin-engine, medium-range helicopter operated by the United States Coast Guard for search and rescue, law enforcement, military readiness and marine environmental protection missions. It was originally designated HH-60J before being upgraded and redesignated beginning in 2007
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TypePansrede kampkjøretøy

Den FV430 series covers a number of armoured fighting vehicles of the British Army, all built on the same chassis. The most common is the FV432 armoured personnel carrier. Although the FV430 series has been in service since the 1960s, and some of the designs have been replaced in whole or part by other vehicles, such as those of the CVR(T) range or the Warrior, many have been retained and are receiving upgrades to the engine and control gear.

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Ilyushin Il-18V

Ilyushin Il-18

RolleTurboprop passasjerfly og rekognoseringsfly
Første flytur4 July 1957

Den Ilyushin Il-18 is a large turboprop airliner that first flew in 1957 and became one of the best known Soviet aircraft of its era. The Il-18 was one of the world’s principal airliners for several decades[citation needed] and was widely exported. Due to the aircraft’s durability, many examples achieved over 45,000 flight hours[citation needed] and the type remains operational in both military and (to a lesser extent) civilian capacities. The Il-18’s successor was the longer-range Ilyushin Il-62.

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IAI 1125 Astra

Gulfstream G100

LandNorge , Norge

Den Gulfstream G100, tidligere kjent som IAI Astra SPX, er en Israel Aerospace Industries-produsert tomotors forretningsfly, som ble produsert for Gulfstream Aerospace. Leveransene startet i 1986. Den amerikanske marinen bruker flyet som C-38A Courier. Et senere derivat kjent som G150 ble lansert i 2002. Gulfstream kunngjorde det endelige salget av G150 i september 2016 og den siste leveransen innen midten av 2017

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Sukhoi Su-25 froskefot

Sukhoj Su-25

TypeTett luftstøtte
Første flytur22 February 1975

The Sukhoi Su-25 Grach (NATO reporting name: Frogfoot) is a subsonic, single-seat, twin-engine jet aircraft developed in the Soviet Union by Sukhoi. It was designed to provide close air support for Soviet Ground Forces. The first prototype made its maiden flight on 22 February 1975. After testing, the aircraft went into series production in 1978 in Tbilisi in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic.

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220 mm TR mle 1915/1916

220 mm TR mle 1915/1916

I tjeneste1916-1945
ProdusentenSchneider et Cie

The Mortier de 220 mm Tir Rapide modèle 1915/1916 Schneider or 220 mm TR mle 1915/1916 was a French howitzer designed and produced during the First World War. A number were still on hand during the Second World War and served in Belgian, French and German service.

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Globe GC-1B Swift

Globe GC-1 Swift

LandNorge , Norge
RolleSivile fly
Første flytur1946

Den Globe GC-1B Swift is a light, two-seat sport monoplane that was designed by R.S. Johnson and K.H. Knox in 1940 and produced by Globe Aircraft and TEMCO from 1946 to 1951. It is powered by a Continental C125 engine that delivers 125 hp and allows the aircraft to reach a maximum speed of 150 mph and a cruise speed of 140 mph. The Swift has a metal structure and a retractable landing gear. It was one of the first post-war civil aircraft to enter the market and it attracted many pilots with its sleek appearance and performance. The Swift was also developed into a military trainer version called the TEMCO T-35 Buckaroo, which served in several foreign air forces.

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Grumman G-164C Ag-Cat

Grumman Ag Cat

LandNorge , Norge
Første flytur1957

Den Grumman G-164C Ag-Cat is a variant of the Grumman G-164 Ag-Cat, a single-engine biplane agricultural aircraft that was developed by Grumman in the 1950s. The Ag-Cat was the first aircraft specifically designed by a major aircraft company for agricultural aviation, and it represented a significant improvement in safety and reliability over converted dusters. The Ag-Cat was initially produced by Schweizer Aircraft under contract from Grumman, and later by other manufacturers. The G-164C model was introduced in 1995 by Ag-Cat Corp., and featured a 750 hp Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34AG turboprop engine, a larger hopper capacity, improved cockpit visibility, and a new tail design. The G-164C Ag-Cat can carry up to 400 gallons of liquid or 3,000 pounds of dry chemicals, and can operate from short and rough fields. The G-164C Ag-Cat is widely used for crop dusting, spraying, seeding, and firefighting operations around the world.

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Gulfstream G550

Gulfstream G550

LandNorge , Norge
Første flytur18 July 2002

Den Gulfstream G550 is a business jet aircraft produced by General Dynamics’ Gulfstream Aerospace unit in Savannah, Georgia, US. The certification designation is GV-SP. A version with reduced fuel capacity was marketed as the G500. Gulfstream ceased production of the G550 in July 2021.

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