Klocka 206B

Bell 206

RollMultifunktionell brukshelikopter
Första flygningenDecember 8, 1962

Den Bell 206 is a family of two-bladed, single- and twin-engined helicopters, manufactured by Bell Helicopter at its Mirabel, Quebec, plant. Originally developed as the Bell YOH-4 for the United States Army’s Light Observation Helicopter program, it was not selected by the Army. Bell redesigned the airframe and successfully marketed the aircraft commercially as the five-place Bell 206A JetRanger. The new design was eventually selected by the Army as the OH-58 Kiowa. Bell also developed a seven-place LongRanger, which was later offered with a twin-engined option as the TwinRanger, while Tridair Helicopters offers a similar conversion of the LongRanger called the Gemini ST. The ICAO-assigned model designation “B06” is used on flight plans for the JetRanger and LongRanger, and the designation “B06T” is used for the twin-engined TwinRangers.

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Combat Vehicle 90

RollInfanteri stridsfordon

Den Stridsfordon 90 (CV90; Stridsfordon 90, Strf90) är en familj av svenska bandgående stridsfordon konstruerade av Försvarets Materielverk (FMV), Hägglunds och Bofors under mitten av 1980-talet till början av 1990-talet och togs i bruk i Sverige i mitten av 1990-talet. CV90-plattformsdesignen har kontinuerligt utvecklats i steg från Mk0 till nuvarande MkIV med tekniska framsteg och som svar på förändrade slagfältkrav. Den svenska versionen av huvudinfanteriets stridsfordon (IFV) är utrustat med ett torn från Bofors som är utrustat med en 40 mm Bofors autokanon. Exportversionerna är utrustade med Hägglunds E-serie torn, beväpnade med antingen en 30 mm Mk44 eller en 35 mm Bushmaster autokanon.

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Panhard AMD 178

Panhard AMD 178

Byggd729 A-version + 414 B-version

The Panhard 178 (officially designated as Automitrailleuse de Découverte Panhard modèle 1935, 178 being the internal project number at Panhard) or “Pan-Pan” was an advanced French reconnaissance 4×4 armoured car that was designed for the French Army Cavalry units before World War II. It had a crew of four and was equipped with an effective 25 mm main armament and a 7.5 mm coaxial machine gun. A number of these vehicles were in 1940 taken over by the Germans after the Fall of France and employed as the Panzerspähwagen P204 (f) for some months after the armistice of June production continued for the benefit of Germany. After the war a derived version, the Panhard 178B, was again taken into production by France.

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M36 Tankförstörare

M36 tank destroyer


Den M36 tankförstörare, formally 90 mm Gun Motor Carriage, M36, was an American tank destroyer used during World War II. The M36 combined the hull of the M10 tank destroyer, which used the M4 Sherman’s reliable chassis and drivetrain combined with sloped armor, and a new turret mounting the 90 mm gun M3. Conceived in 1943, the M36 first served in combat in Europe in October 1944, where it partially replaced the M10 tank destroyer. It also saw use in the Korean War, where it was able to defeat any of the Soviet tanks used in that conflict. Some were supplied to South Korea as part of the Military Assistance Program and served for years, as did re-engined examples found in Yugoslavia, which operated into the 1990s. Two remained in service with the Republic of China Army at least until 2001. The vehicle is also known under the unofficial nickname Jackson, but this designation appears to be a postwar appellation that was never used by the US Army.

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Eurocopter AS565 Panter

Eurocopter AS565 Panther

RollUtility militär helikopter
Första flygningen28 February 1984

Den Eurocopter AS565 Panter is the military version of the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin medium-weight multi-purpose twin-engine helicopter. The Panther is used for a wide range of military roles, including combat assault, fire support, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, search and rescue, and medical evacuation.

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M29C vessla typ A

M29 Weasel


Den M29 Vessla is a World War II tracked vehicle designed for operation in snow. Built by Studebaker, Weasels were also used in sandy, muddy, and desert terrains, including towing loads over terrain wheeled vehicles could not negotiate as in the US Marine invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Standard M29s were semi-amphibious, but with a very low freeboard. A M29C Water Weasel version was produced with fore and aft buoyancy cells and twin rudders. Capable of operating in inland waterways, it however also saw limited action in surf conditions in the Pacific Theatre.

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AMX International AMX

LandItalien och Brasilien
Första flygningen15 May 1984

Den AMX Internationella AMX is a ground-attack aircraft jointly developed by Brazil and Italy. The AMX is designated A-11 Ghibli by the Italian Air Force and A-1 by the Brazilian Air Force. The Italian name, “Ghibli”, is taken from the hot dry wind of the Libyan desert. During the early 1970s, Italian manufacturer Aermacchi conducted a design study on a prospective light ground attack aircraft, which was given the designation of MB-340. During early 1977, the Italian Air Force issued a requirement for 187 new-build strike fighters, which were to replace its existing Aeritalia G.91 in the close air support. During 1980, the Brazilian government announced that they intended to participate in the program in order to provide a replacement for the Aermacchi MB-326. As a result of a memorandum between Italy and Brazil for the type’s joint development in 1981, AMX International, an Italian-Brazilian joint venture, was formed to develop, manufacture, and market the aircraft.

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Aermacchi MB-326

Aermacchi MB-326

RollAvancerad tränare/Lätt attack
Första flygningen10 December 1957

Den Aermacchi or Macchi MB-326 is a light military jet trainer designed in Italy. Originally conceived as a two-seat trainer, there have also been single and two-seat light attack versions produced. It is one of the most commercially successful aircraft of its type, being bought by more than 10 countries and produced under licence in Australia, Brazil and South Africa. It set many category records, including an altitude record of 56,807 ft (17,315 m) on 18 March 1966. More than 800 MB-326s were constructed between 1961–1975.

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Komatsu LAV

Komatsu LAV

RollBepansrad scoutbil

Den Komatsu light armored vehicle is a Japanese military vehicle first produced in 2002. Currently used exclusively by the Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF), it has seen use in the Iraq War. It is built by Komatsu Ltd. Defense Systems Division in Komatsu, Ishikawa, Japan. Komatsu’s factory designator for the vehicle is KU50W. The exterior resembles the Panhard VBL, used by the French army, but the LAV has 4 doors and a large cabin for carrying soldiers. The LAV can also be transported by air in vehicles like the CH-47J and the C-130H.

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Aerfer Sagittario

Aerfer Sagittario 2

RollPrototyp jaktplan
Första flygningen19 May 1956

Den Aerfer Sagittario 2 (Italian for sagittarius) was a prototype all-metal single-seat lightweight fighter aircraft built in Italy by Aerfer, intended to serve as an interceptor or light tactical support aircraft. First flown in 1956, it became the first Italian aircraft to break the sound barrier in controlled flight when it reached Mach 1.1 during a dive from 13,725 m (45,000 ft).

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