Пайпер Л-4Б кузнечик

Piper L-4 Grasshopper

Страна США
Роль Тренер
Первый полет 1938
Построен 19800+

Пайпер developed a military variant (“All we had to do,” Bill Jr. is quoted as saying, “was paint the Cub olive drab to produce a military airplane”), variously designated as the O-59 (1941), Л-4 (after April 1942) and NE (U.S. Navy). The Л-4 Кузнечик was mechanically identical to the J-3 civilian Cub, but was distinguishable by the use of a Plexiglas greenhouse skylight and rear windows for improved visibility, much like the Taylorcraft L-2 and Aeronca L-3 also in use with the US armed forces. Carrying a single pilot and no passenger, the L-4 had a top speed of 85 mph (137 km/h), a cruise speed of 75 mph (121 km/h), a service ceiling of 12,000 ft (3,658 m), a stall speed of 38 mph (61 km/h), an endurance of three hours, and a range of 225 mi (362 km). Some 5,413 L-4s were produced for U.S. forces, including 250 built for the U.S. Navy under contract as the NE-1 and NE-2.

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Piper L-4B Grasshopper
Л-4Б As per L-4A, but without radio equipment; 980 built
Фотограф Рэнди Рэй
Локализация База Тревис Музей Военно-Воздушных Сил
Фотографии 49
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Piper NE-1 Cub Walk Around
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