Twin 40mm GMC M19
M19 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage
RolleSelvkørende antiluftskyts våben
I service1945–1953

Den M19 Flere Kanon Motor Transport (MGMC) was a World War II United States Army self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon on the M24 light tank chassis. It was equipped with two Bofors 40 mm (1.6 in) guns. It was produced by Cadillac and Massey-Ferguson of Canada near the end of 1944. The M19 was developed from the T65 which was based on the M5 light tank chassis. The original design was improved upon and designated the T65E1. It was accepted into service in May 1944 as the M19 MGMC, equipping several U.S. Army anti-aircraft units during World War II. The M19A1 was an improved variant with an auxiliary engine and spare barrels for the 40 mm Bofors guns.

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Twin 40mm GMC M19 Gå Rundt
FotografDon Alen
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