DeHavilland DH-98 Mosquito

de Havilland Mosquito

РольВинищувач-бомбардувальник легкий бомбардувальник Нічний винищувач
Перший політ25 листопада 1940 року

В де Хевілленд DH.98 Комарів was a British twin-engine shoulder-winged multi-role combat aircraft. The crew of two, pilot and navigator, sat side by side. It served during and after the Second World War. It was one of few operational front-line aircraft of the era constructed almost entirely of wood and was nicknamed The Wooden Wonder. The Mosquito was also known affectionately as the “Mossie” to its crews. Originally conceived as an unarmed fast bomber, the Mosquito was adapted to roles including low to medium-altitude daytime tactical bomber, high-altitude night bomber, pathfinder, day or night fighter, fighter-bomber, intruder, maritime strike aircraft, and fast photo-reconnaissance aircraft. It was also used by the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) as a fast transport to carry small high-value cargoes to, and from, neutral countries, through enemy-controlled airspace. A single passenger could ride in the aircraft’s bomb bay when it was adapted for the purpose.

Джерело: де Хевілленд Москіто на Вікіпедії

Wait, Searching de Havilland Mosquito for you…
DeHavilland DH-98 Mosquito Walk Around
ФотографВолодимир Якубов
РозташуванняНаціональний музей ВПС США
Wait, Searching de Havilland Mosquito for you…
De Havilland Mosquito NF.XIX
ФотографАндрій Зінчук

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Airfix - A25001A
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HK Models - 01E016
de Havilland Mosquito B Mk. IX/Mk. XVI
Моделі ХК
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