M7B2 Priest - Walk Around

M7B2 Priest

PeriodKorean War
TypeSelf-propelled gun

Album de 131 walk-around photos of the self-propelled gun "M7B2 Priest"

Photo Gallery on an M7B2 Priest, officially named 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M7, the M7 Priest is a self-propelled gun produced during World War II by the United States. Priest is the nickname given by the British, due to the fact that the machine gun placed on a rail gave the impression that the tank was equipped with a pulpit. It followed the Bishop English and they officially eded it 105mm SP Priest. (The British liked to give names related to religion to their self-propelled guns (Priest - priest, Bishop , bishop, Sexton - sacristan), a tradition that lasted until the 1960s with the Abbot (abbot).) Version M7B2 : During the Korean War, the limited elevation of the howitzer became a real problem, and it was increased to 65 degrees. The machine gun mount also had to be improved to give the ability to fire 360 degrees. This problem stemmed from the fact that most of the Time the Korean conflict took place in hilly terrain, with the North Koreans deploying their artillery pieces on the hilltops north of Seoul.

Source: M7B2 Priest on Wikipedia

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