M7 Priest Walk Around

M7 Priest

TypeSelf-propelled gun
ManufacturerAmerican Locomotive Company
ProducedApril 1942-July 1945

Photo Gallery on an M7 Priest, officially named 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M7, the M7 Priest is a self-propelled gun produced during World War II by the United States. Priest is the nickname given by the British, due to the fact that the machine gun placed on a rail gave the impression that the tank was equipped with a pulpit. It followed the English Bishop and they officially called it 105mm SP Priest. (The British liked to give names related to religion to their self-propelled guns (Priest - priest, Bishop , bishop, Sexton - sacristan), a tradition that lasted until the 1960s with the Abbot (abbot).)

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M7 Priest – Walkround
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Technical features: Équipage : 7 Longueur : 6,02 m Largeur : 2,87 m Hauteur : 2,95 m Masse au combat : 22 970 kg Blindage : coque:51 mm avant Armement principal : Howitzer 105 mm M2A1 (69 obus) Armement secondaire : 1 Mitrailleuse Browning M2 de 12,7 mm (300 balles) Moteur : Wright (Continental) R975 C1 400 ch (299 kW) Suspension : ressorts verticaux en spirales Vitesse sur route : 40 km/h (24 en tout terrain) Puissance massique : 17,4 ch/tonne Autonomie : 193 km

M7 Priest Walk Around
PhotographerKevin Seymour

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