Royal air fabryka BE2A

Royal air fabryka BE2A

Country UK
Typ Samolot dwupłatowiec
Zdjęcie Władimir Якубов
Miejsce RAAF Museum, Point Cook, Australia

Album 53 zdjęcia spacer wokół "Royal эйркрафт factory BE2A"

Galeria zdjęć Royal air fabryka BE2A,
The Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2 was a British single-engine tractor two-seat biplane which was in service with the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) from 1912 until the end of World War I. About 3,500 were built. Initially used as front-line reconnaissance aircraft and light bombers; variants of the type were also used as night fighters. Like many warplanes since, the B.E.2 was retained in front-line service long after it had become obsolete, for want of a suitable replacement. After its belated withdrawal it finally served as a trainer, communications aircraft and on anti-submarine coastal patrol duties.

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Wait, Searching Royal Aircraft Factory BE2A for you…

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