UPC M-42

UPC M-42

TypTransporter opancerzony
ZdjęcieТорд Ведман

Album 16 zdjęcia spacer wokół "SKP M-42"

Galeria zdjęć UPC M-42, Terrängbil m/42 KP (Tgbil m/42 SKP/VKP), meaning “Off-road vehicle 42” with a secondary designation of “Scania, Bodywork: Armoured” or “Volvo, Bodywork: Armoured”, was the Swedish army’s first armoured personnel carrier, developed as a stop-gap measure during World War II. In 1941, when tanks were organized into a unit of their own, it was clear there was a desperate need for a troop carrier able to both keep up with the tanks and provide protection against artillery shrapnel and small-arms fire. Due to the war there were no international suppliers to buy from, so the only option was to develop a domestic solution. AB Landsverk designed an APC consisting of a chassis from a regular army lorry equipped with an armoured shell.

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