Aerfer Sagittario

Aerfer Sagittario 2

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첫 비행1956년 5월 19일

Tthe 아에르퍼 사지타리오 2 (궁수자리의 이탈리아어)는 Aerfer가 이탈리아에서 제작한 프로토타입 전체 금속 단일 좌석 경량 전투기로 요격기 또는 경전술 지원 항공기로 사용되었습니다. 1956 년에 처음 비행 한이 항공기는 13,725m (45,000ft)에서 다이빙하는 동안 마하 1.1에 도달했을 때 통제 된 비행에서 사운드 장벽을 깬 최초의 이탈리아 항공기가되었습니다.

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The Aerfer Sagittario 2 was a remarkable achievement in Italian aviation history. It was a prototype fighter aircraft that was designed to be fast, agile and versatile. The Sagittario 2 was developed from the Ambrosini Sagittario, which was itself a jet-powered version of the Ambrosini S.7 trainer. The Sagittario 2 had a sleek and aerodynamic shape, with a swept wing and tail, a bubble canopy and a nose-mounted jet engine. The engine was a Rolls-Royce Derwent 9, which gave the aircraft a thrust of 16 kN (3,600 lbf). The Sagittario 2 had two 30 mm cannons as its main armament, and could also carry bombs, rockets or additional guns on two hardpoints under the wings.
The Sagittario 2 first flew on 19 May 1956, piloted by Riccardo Bignamini. On 4 December 1956, it achieved a historic milestone when it became the first Italian aircraft to break the sound barrier in level flight at an altitude of 13,725 m (45,000 ft). The aircraft reached a speed of Mach 1.1 (1,006 km/h or 625 mph), demonstrating its excellent performance and potential. The Sagittario 2 was tested by the Italian Air Force for evaluation purposes, but it did not enter production or service. Instead, it served as a stepping stone for the development of more advanced fighters by Aerfer, such as the Ariete and the Leone. The Sagittario 2 remains an important example of Italian ingenuity and innovation in aerospace engineering.

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