マツ-200 ミンスク自動車工場で製造されたソビエトのトラックです。ディーゼルエンジンを搭載した最初のソビエトトラックです。スタイリングはGMC803トラックのコピーであり、エンジンはデトロイトディーゼル4-71のコピーです。 MAZ-200は、1947- 1950年にYaAZ(Yaroslavl Automobile Plant)によって最初に生産され、その後、MAZに移されました。 MAZ-205: ダンプトラックバージョン。 1947-1965年製。

ソース: ウィキペディアのMAZ-205

MAZ-205 歩き回る


MAZ 205 1947


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The MAZ-205 is a low-floor articulated bus from the Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ), a Belarusian state-owned company. The vehicle is a drawbar bus with a driven middle axle and a drive formula of 6×2. It was designed to replace the older MAZ-105 model, and since 2014 there is an updated successor, the MAZ-215. MAZ-205 is the only vehicle designation of the manufacturer that was assigned twice. In the 1950s and 1960s, a truck MAZ-205 was built in large series, but it has no technical or historical similarities with the bus.
The MAZ-205 has an engine compartment in the front part of the bus. This layout allows the use of a much simpler and cheaper articulation unit, which is manufactured in-house. This reduces the production costs of the vehicle and improves the driving characteristics in winter road conditions. In practice, this design prevents the vehicle from slipping and buckling on ice and snow. The engine compartment had to be enlarged to accommodate all the systems required for the EURO 5 environmental standard.
The MAZ-205 is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz OM 926 LA engine with 240 kW that meets the Euro-4 standard for the Russian market. For foreign markets, the model MAZ-205 069 has an OM 906LA engine with 210 kW that complies with Euro-5 standard. These engines can accelerate an almost 19-meter-long bus (by the way, the longest in the model range of the Minsk Automobile Plant) to 75 to 96 km/h.
The bus uses automatic transmissions, which are supplied by ZF Friedrichshafen or Voith depending on customer preference. The suspension of the front axle and the rear axle is pneumatic, and the body can be lowered for easier entry and exit. The braking system is pneumatic, dual-circuit, with disc brakes on all wheels and with ABS and ASR systems.
An improvement over MAZ-105 is the height of the bus floor relative to the road level. The floor height at the entrance doors is only 270 mm above ground level. The bus has four doors: two single doors at the front and rear and two double doors in between. The interior of the bus is spacious and comfortable, with a capacity of up to 175 passengers (39 seats and up to 136 standing places). The driver’s workplace is ergonomic and well-equipped, with a dashboard that displays all necessary information.

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