Фейри Фулмар "МК".Аз съм

Фейри Фулмар "МК".Аз съм

ТипПалубни изтребители
СнимкаОндрей Skarka
ОписаниеАлбум 55 снимки на разходка около "Фэйри Фулмар "МК".Аз съм"

Фото галерия Фейри Фулмар "МК".Аз съм, The Fairey Fulmar was a British carrier-borne fighter aircraft that served with the Fleet Air Arm (FAA) during the Second World War. A total of 600 were built by Fairey Aviation at its Stockport factory between January 1940 and December 1942. The Fulmar’s design was based on that of the earlier Fairey P.4/34 that was in turn developed in 1936 as a replacement for the Fairey Battle light bomber. Although its performance (like that of its Battle antecedent) was lacking, the Fulmar was a reliable, sturdy aircraft with long range and an effective armament of eight machine guns.

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Изчакайте, Търсене Фэйри Фулмар "МК".Аз съм за теб...

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