Нортроп ДП-125Б Раидер

Нортроп ДП-125 Раидер

УлогаТранспортни авион
Први лет1 August 1949

У Нортроп ДП-125 Раидер was a 1940s American three-engined STOL utility transport built by Northrop Corporation, Hawthorne, California. Deliveries of the YC-125 to the USAF began in 1950. These aircraft did not serve long as they were underpowered and they were soon sent to Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas and relegated to be ground instructional trainers until retired in 1955 and declared surplus. Most of the surplus aircraft were purchased by Frank Ambrose and sold to bush operators in South and Central America.

Извор: Нортроп ДП-125 Раидер он Википедиа

Нортроп ДП-125Б Раидер валк Око
ФотографМихаил Бенолкин
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