FROG-7 Luna on BAZ-135


CountrySoviet Union
Role Fighter
Produced1959-1963 (ZIL)
1963-1994 (BAZ)

The ZIL-135 is a large, eight-wheeled military transport and self-propelled artillery truck produced in the Cold War by the Soviet Union starting in 1959. Its purpose was to carry and launch an artillery missile, specifically a FROG-7, from surface-to-surface. The ZIL-135 was widely exported to other communist countries, most notably North Korea, where it is a common sight in films and military marches. It also served as the TEL for the BM-27 Uragan artillery rocket system.

Source: ZIL-135 on Wikipedia
FROG-7 Luna on BAZ-135 Walk Around
PhotographerRobert De Craecker
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