Messerschmitt Bf 110 G-2

Messerschmitt Bf 110

CountryNazi Germany
RoleHeavy fighter – Ground-attack aircraft – Fighter-bomber/Night fighter
First flight12 May 1936

Photo gallery of a Messerschmitt Bf 110, The Messerschmitt Bf 110, often (erroneously) called Me 110, was a twin-engine heavy fighter (Zerstörer—German for “Destroyer”) and fighter-bomber (Jagdbomber or Jabo) developed in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and used by the Luftwaffe and others during World War II. Hermann Göring was a proponent of the Bf 110. It was armed with two MG FF 20 mm cannons, four 7.92 mm (.312 in) MG 17 machine guns, and one 7.92 mm (.312 in) MG 15 machine gun or twin-barrel MG 81Z for defence. Development work on an improved type to replace the Bf 110, the Messerschmitt Me 210 began before the war started, but its teething troubles from its aerodynamics resulted in the Bf 110 soldiering on until the end of the war in various roles, alongside its replacements, the Me 210 and the significantly improved Me 410 Hornisse.

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Messerschmitt Bf 110
PhotographerMaxwell Williams
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Messerschmitt Bf 110G-4 Walk Around
PhotographerMaxwell Williams
Kagero - Monografie. #23. Messerschmitt Bf 110 vol. III
Kagero – Monografie. #23. Messerschmitt Bf 110 vol. III
Messerschmitt Me Bf 110 G-2 Walk Around
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The Messerschmitt Bf 110 was a twin-engine heavy fighter and fighter-bomber developed by Germany in the late 1930s. It was designed to escort bombers, intercept enemy aircraft, and perform ground-attack missions. The Bf 110 had a crew of two or three, a long range, and a powerful armament of cannons and machine guns. It was also equipped with a rear gunner position to defend against attacks from behind.
The Bf 110 first saw combat during the invasion of Poland in 1939, where it proved to be superior to most of the Polish fighters. It also performed well in the early stages of the Battle of Britain in 1940, shooting down many British fighters and bombers. However, as the war progressed, the Bf 110 faced increasing opposition from more agile and faster single-engine fighters, such as the Spitfire and the Hurricane. The Bf 110 suffered heavy losses and was gradually relegated to night-fighter and ground-attack roles.
The Bf 110 was modified and improved throughout the war, with various models featuring different engines, armaments, radar systems, and other equipment. The Bf 110 was used by several air forces besides Germany, including Italy, Hungary, Romania, Finland, and Croatia. The Bf 110 was produced until 1945, with over 6,000 units built. It was one of the most versatile and widely used aircraft of World War II.

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