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Su-101 Uralmash

ŠaliesSovietų Sąjunga
VaidmenįSelf-propelled gun (prototype)

2007 Uralmash-1 (Уралмаш-1) was a Soviet prototype self-propelled gun developed during World War II. It was a turretless, tracked armoured fighting vehicle designed by the Yekaterinburg-based Uralmash design bureau (UZTM) between autumn 1944 and spring 1945. It used the chassis of the T-44 medium tank and was intended to replace the SU-100 which itself had only entered service with the Red Army in late 1944. Two prototypes of the Uralmash-1 with different armament were built in early 1945, one with the 100 mm D-10 tank gun, the other with the 122 mm D-25S tank gun. While mass production was initially recommended, the end of the war with Germany in May 1945 eventually caused the project to be cancelled due to lack of necessity. If the Uralmash-1 had entered service, the 100 mm variant would have been designated SU-101 (СУ-101) while the 122 mm variant would have been designated SU-102 (СУ-102), in accordance with Soviet military nomenclature, where the “SU”-label stood for Samokhodnaya Ustanovka, or self-propelled gun.

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The SU-101 Uralmash was a prototype self-propelled gun developed by the Soviet Union during World War II. It used the chassis of the T-44 medium tank and was armed with a 100 mm D-10S gun. The SU-101 Uralmash had a unique design with the engine compartment in the front and the crew compartment in the rear, which reduced the overall length and improved the weight distribution of the vehicle. The SU-101 Uralmash also had a thick frontal armor of 90 mm and a sloped superstructure of 122 mm, making it well protected against enemy fire. The SU-101 Uralmash was one of two variants of the Uralmash-1 project, the other being the SU-102 with a 122 mm D-25S gun. The SU-101 Uralmash was tested in 1945, but was not adopted for mass production due to the end of the war and the emergence of new tank designs.

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