Douglas A-26B Okupantas

Douglas A-26 Okupantas

ŠalisJungtinės Amerikos Valstijos
Pirmasis skrydis10 July 1942

Foto galerija a Douglas A-26 Okupantas, The Douglas A-26 Invader (designated B-26 between 1948 and 1965) is a twin-engined light bomber and ground attack aircraft that was built by Douglas Aircraft Company during World War II which also saw service during several major Cold War conflicts. A limited number of highly modified United States Air Force aircraft served in Southeast Asia until 1969. It was a fast aircraft capable of carrying twice its specified bomb load. A range of guns could be fitted to produce a formidable ground-attack aircraft.[4] A re-designation of the type from A-26 to B-26 led to confusion with the Martin B-26 Marauder, which first flew in November 1940, about 16 months before the Douglas design’s maiden flight. Although both types were powered by the widely used Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp eighteen-cylinder, double-row radial engine, they were completely different and separate designs — the Martin bomber originated in 1939, with roughly twice as many Marauders (nearly 5,300) produced in comparison to the Douglas design.

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Douglas A-26 Invader
FotografasVladimiras Yakubov
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Douglas A-26C Invader
NuotraukaVladimiras Yakubov
RastiPalm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs
AprašymasAlbumas 170 nuotraukos vaikščioti aplink iš "Douglas A-26C Okupantas"
Role : ground attack & light bomber Manufacturer : Douglas Aircraft Company First flight : 10 July 1942 Retired : 1980 Colombian Air Force Primary users : -United States Army Air Forces -United States Air Force -United States Navy -French Air Force Number built : 2.452
Douglas A-26C Invader Walk Around
FotografasCees Hendriks
Douglas A-26C Invader Walk Around
FotografasCees Hendriks

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A-26B Invader
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Douglas A-26B Invader Walk Around
FotografasMeindert de Vreeze
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