North American B-45C Tornado

North American B-45C Tornado

LandVerenigde staten
TypeJet bommenwerper
FotoJohannes Heck
ZoekNationaal Museum van de AMERIKAANSE luchtmacht
BeschrijvingAlbum 26 foto ' s walk-around van een "North American B-45C Tornado"

Foto galerij van een North American B-45C Tornado, The North American B-45 Tornado was the United States Air Force’s (USAF) first operational jet bomber, and the first multi-jet engined bomber in the world to be refueled in mid-air. The B-45 was an important part of the United States’s nuclear deterrent for several years in the early 1950s, but was soon superseded by the Boeing B-47 Stratojet. B-45s and RB-45s served in the United States Air Force’s Strategic Air Command from 1950 until 1959. It was also the first jet bomber of the NATO Alliance, which was formed in 1949.

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RolStrategische bommenwerper
FabrikantNorth American Aviation
Eerste vlucht17 maart 1947
Inleiding22 April 1948
Aantal gebouwd143
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