Sikorsky S-64E Skycrane

Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane

RoleAerial crane
First fly9 May 1962

The Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane is an American twin-engine heavy-lift helicopter. It is the civil version of the United States Army’s CH-54 Tarhe. It is currently produced as the S-64 Aircrane by the Erickson Air-Crane company.

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Sikorsky S-64E Skycrane Walk Around
S-64E: Upgraded & certified CH-54A helicopters, plus one new build aircraft. 17 aircraft in total
PhotographerMick Burton
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The Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane is a versatile and powerful helicopter that can perform heavy-lift operations in various environments. It was developed from the military CH-54 Tarhe, which was used by the US Army during the Vietnam War to transport vehicles, artillery, bridges and other cargo. The S-64 Skycrane has a distinctive design, with a long and slender fuselage, a six-blade main rotor, two turboshaft engines mounted on top of the rear end, and a rear-facing cockpit for the crew of three. The helicopter has no built-in cargo space, but instead uses a sling system to attach different types of loads underneath. The S-64 Skycrane can lift up to 20,000 pounds (9,072 kg) of cargo and fly at speeds of up to 109 knots (126 mph, 203 km/h). The helicopter can also be equipped with a fire-fighting tank that can hold 2,650 US gallons (10,000 liters) of water or retardant.
The S-64 Skycrane was originally produced by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, but the type certificate and manufacturing rights were acquired by Erickson Inc. in 1992. Erickson has since modified and improved the helicopter, renaming it as the S-64 Aircrane. Erickson operates a fleet of S-64 Aircranes for various customers around the world, including fire-fighting agencies, construction companies, logging firms and humanitarian organizations. Erickson also gives each of its S-64 Aircranes a unique name, such as “Elvis”, “Olga” or “The Incredible Hulk”. The S-64 Aircrane has been involved in many notable missions, such as lifting the antenna of the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, installing power lines in remote areas, delivering aid to disaster zones, and supporting scientific research in Antarctica.

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