Bell UH-13H Sioux

Bell H-13 Sioux

역할Light observation helicopter
먼저 항공편8 월 1945

Bell H-13 Sioux was a single-engine single-rotor light helicopter built by Bell Helicopter. Westland Aircraft manufactured the Sioux under license for the British military as the Sioux AH.1 and HT.2.

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Wait, Searching Bell H-13 Sioux for you…
Bell UH-13H Sioux Walk Around
PhotographersVladimir Yakubov and Randy Ray
LocalisationCastle AFB Museum, Atwater
Wait, Searching Bell H-13 Sioux for you…

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Bell H-13E Sioux Walk Around
PhotographerVladimir Yakubov
LocalisationUS Army Transportation Museum, Fort Eustis,

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