Boeing F4B-4

Boeing F4B-4

Erstflug25. Juni 1928

Fotogalerie eines Boeing F4B-4, The Boeing P-12/F4B was an American pursuit aircraft that was operated by the United States Army Air Corps and United States Navy.

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Boeing F4B-4
FotografGrant Moulton
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Boeing F4B-3 Walk Around
FotografWladimir Nikolajewitsch Jakubow
LokalisierungWestern Museum of Flight, Torrance

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das Boeing F4B-4 was a biplane fighter aircraft that served in the United States Navy from 1932 to 1937. It was the fourth and final variant of the F4B series, which was also known as the P-12 in the United States Army Air Corps. The F4B-4 had a larger vertical fin than the previous versions, to improve directional stability. It also had a semi-monocoque fuselage, a Townend ring cowling around the Pratt & Whitney Wasp radial engine, and Frise ailerons for better roll control. The F4B-4 was armed with two .30 caliber machine guns and could carry a 500-pound bomb under the fuselage.
das F4B-4 was the most numerous variant of the series, with 187 built. It was the last wooden-winged, biplane fighter produced by Boeing and used by the U.S. military. The F4B-4 was a popular and agile fighter that saw action in various theaters, including China, Hawaii, and Panama.

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