RWD 13

TypCestovní letadlo
První let15 January 1935

RWD 13 was a Polish touring plane of 1935, three-seater high-wing monoplane, designed by the RWD team. It was the biggest commercial success of the RWD.

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RWD 13 was a Polish single-engine biplane trainer aircraft designed and built by the RWD team in the early 1930s. It was used by the Polish Air Force and civilian aviation until the outbreak of World War II. The RWD 13 had a wooden structure covered with plywood and fabric, and a fixed landing gear with a tail skid. The cockpit had two open seats in tandem, with dual controls. The aircraft was powered by a de Havilland Gipsy Major inline engine that gave it a maximum speed of 185 km/h and a range of 750 km.
The RWD 13 was praised for its excellent handling and aerobatic capabilities, as well as its reliability and durability. It was also one of the few aircraft that could land and take off from rough fields and snow-covered terrain. The RWD 13 was exported to several countries, including Brazil, Estonia, Latvia, Palestine, Romania and Yugoslavia. Some of them survived the war and were used for various purposes until the late 1940s.

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