T-18 MS-1 Maliy Soprovozhdeniya-Perviy

T-18 tank

CountrySoviet Union
RoleLight tank

The T-18 light tank (also called MS-1, Russian: малый сопровождения, первый, tr. maliy soprovozhdeniya, perviy, “Small [Vehicle for] Support, First [type/example]”) was the first Soviet-designed tank. Produced from 1928 to 1931, it was based on the Renault FT, with the addition of a vertically sprung suspension. The T-18 and its derivatives were essentially unsuccessful designs, but they gave Soviet industry its first experiences in designing armoured vehicles, and in the meantime a number of foreign tank designs were available for production.

Source: T-18 tank on Wikipedia

MS-1 Maliy Soprovozhdeniya-Perviy T-18 Walk Around
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