T-18 MS-1 Maliy Soprovozhdeniya-Perviy

T-18 tank

CountrySoviet Union
RoleLight tank

The T-18 light tank also called MS-1 was the first Soviet-designed tank. Produced from 1928 to 1931, it was based on the Renault FT, with the addition of a vertically sprung suspension. The T-18 and its derivatives were essentially unsuccessful designs, but they gave Soviet industry its first experiences in designing armoured vehicles, and in the meantime a number of foreign tank designs were available for production.

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The T-18 tank was the first Soviet-designed tank that entered production in 1928. It was a light tank that weighed 5.9 tonnes and had a crew of two. The T-18 was based on the French Renault FT tank, but had some improvements such as a vertically sprung suspension, a more powerful engine and a longer barrel for the 37 mm gun. The T-18 was intended to provide support for infantry units and to perform reconnaissance missions.
The T-18 tank had several drawbacks that limited its performance and reliability. The transmission was prone to failure, the engine overheated easily and the armor was too thin to withstand enemy fire. The T-18 also had poor mobility and could not cross wide trenches or steep slopes. The T-18 was soon outclassed by newer and better tanks developed by other countries.
The T-18 tank saw some action in China during the Sino-Soviet conflict of 1929, where it faced Japanese tanks and armored cars. The T-18 also participated in the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939, but by then it was obsolete and ineffective against modern anti-tank weapons. The T-18 was gradually replaced by more advanced models such as the BT series and the T-26.

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