Douglas EC-24A

Douglas DC-8

LandVerenigde staten
RolNarrow-body passagiersvliegtuig
Eerste vluchtMay 30, 1958

The Douglas DC-8 (also known as the McDonnell Douglas DC-8) is a four-engine long-range narrow-body jet airliner built from 1958 to 1972 by the Douglas Aircraft Company. Launched after the competing Boeing 707, the DC-8 nevertheless kept Douglas in a strong position in the airliner market, and remained in production until 1972 when it began to be superseded by larger wide-body designs, including the Boeing 747, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. The DC-8’s design allowed it a slightly larger cargo capacity than the 707 and some re-engined DC-8s are still in use as freighters.

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Douglas EC-24A Walk Around
EG-24A: A single former United Airlines DC-8-54 (F) was used by the United States Navy as an electronic warfare training platform. It was retired in October 1998 and is now in storage with the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group
FotograafVladimir Yakubov
Coördinaten309th AMARG, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
Foto ' s52
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