Fouga Magister C.M.170

Fouga Magister C.M.170

ТипTwo-seat jet trainer
ФотографіяВолодимир Якубов
ЗнайтиRoyal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History, Brussels
ОписАльбом 64 photos walk-around of a «Fouga Magister C.M.170»

Фото галерея Fouga Magister C.M.170, The Fouga CM.170 Magister is a 1950s French two-seat jet trainer. The related CM.175 Zéphyr was a carrier-capable version for the French Navy.

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Wait, Searching Supermarine Fouga Magister C.M.170 photos for you…
Wait, Searching Fouga Magister C.M.170 for you…
Aerospatiale Fouga CM.170 Magister Walk Around
ФотографиAndrey Zinchuk, Dmitri Sribnyi
Fouga CM-170 Magister Walk Around
ФотографиUlrich Wrede, Jean Thomas Rembert, Isaac Gershman

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