PzKpfw VIH Tiger - Walk Around

Tiger I - Sdkfz.181

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Album de 41 walk-around photos of the tiger tank "Tiger I - Sdkfz.181"

Photo Gallery on a PzKpfw HIV Tiger, The Tiger I (Tigre) est un char d’assaut lourd allemand en service durant la seconde guerre mondiale. Le développement du Tiger began in 1937, its first engagement taking place on the Eastern Front in Leningrad on August 29, 1942. The Tiger I then became the most powerful and armored German tank, but its high weight (almost double the other tanks) had repercussions on its mobility. Throughout his engagement he will experience mechanical problems that will reduce his impact on operations. It is a tank that, because of its complexity and cost, has only produced 1,350 copies, one might say.

Source: PzKpfw HIV Tiger on Wikipedia

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