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Chieftain Mk11

TypeHeavy tank

Album 74 photos walk-around du char Chieftain Mk11

Le FV-4204 Chieftainis a heavy tank british. It has been developed by the Royal Ordnance Factory in the late fifties to take up the slack of the Centurion tank. This tank remained in use in the british forces from 1966 up to 1995. Variants of the gear of military engineering, were also built. Variations : Chieftain AVRE : base of Chieftain with engineering equipment, crane, excavator Chieftain ARV : recovery vehicle, maintenance Chieftain AVLB : the basis of the Chieftain carrying a bridge for the stream crossing Its armament consisted of a gun of 120 mm, two machine guns of 7.62 mm (one coaxial and one turret) and a 12.7-mm machine gun to the head of the edge. Nearly 900 Chieftain were built for the british army, and several quotas for export to different countries (Iran,Omna,Iraq,Kuwait,Jordan).

Source: FV4204 Chieftain on Wikipedia

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