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Photo gallery on a Centurion Mk.13, The Centurion is a tank of the british army after the war. This char is considered by specialists as one of the first british tanks in quality. His developments began during the Second world War, did not arrive early enough on the field he has not taken part in the fighting. By contrast, he has been engaged during the Korean war, where he seems to have outperformed both the american tanks than the soviets.

It was one of the tanks the most widespread of the world,being in service in many armies, and enjoyed a longevity out of the ordinary to still be in active service in the 90's and even in 2000 for certain of its derivative versions. Its successor was the model Chieftain.

Source: Centurion tank Wikipedia

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Specifications Équipage : 4 hommes (commandant, tireur, chargeur, conducteur) Longueur : 7,82 m Largeur : 4,30 m Hauteur : 3,01 m Masse au combat : 43,182 tonnes Blindage : 17 à 127 mm Armement principal : 1 canon – successivement : Ordnance QF 17 pounder (76 mm) Ordnance QF 20 pounder (84 mm) Royal Ordnance L7 (105 mm) Armement secondaire : 1 mitrailleuse Browning 1919 de 7,62 mm Moteur : Rolls-Royce Meteor 650 ch (485 kW) Suspension : Horstmann Vitesse sur route : 35 km/h Puissance massique : 15,05 ch/t Autonomie : 192 km

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  1. 53-81228 is a Canadian Mk 5 that served with Lord Strathcona’s Horse from 1959 until the mid 1970s. Canada did not use the Mk 13. They only used Mk 5 and upgraded some of them to Mk 11. A Mk 11 had four headlights (2 of them IR), a fitting for IR searchlight equipment and a ranging gun. 53-81228 has none of these.

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