Curtiss O-52A-1-CW Owl

Curtiss O-52 Owl

In service1940

The Curtiss O-52 “Owl” was an observation aircraft used by the United States Army Air Corps before and during World War II. Developed in 1939, the Curtiss O-52 was the last “heavy” observation aircraft developed for the US Army Air Corps. The concept of the two-seat observation aircraft, classed as the “O” series aircraft, dated to World War I, and in 1940, the Army Air Corps ordered 203 Curtiss O-52s for observation duties. By 1941, the O-52 was no match for modern combat conditions.

Source: Curtiss O-52 Owl on Wikipedia

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Curtiss O-52A-1-CW Owl Walk Around
PhotographerAlex Burlyga
LocalisationYanks Air Museum
Wait, Searching Curtiss O-52 Owl for you…

Curtiss O-52 Owl by Net-Maquettes

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Curtiss O-52 Owl – Walk Around from NetMaquettes

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