BM-21 Grad on URAL 4320

BM-21 Grad

CountrySoviet Union
RoleMultiple rocket launcher
In service1963–present

The BM-21 “Grad” (Russian: БМ-21 “Град”, lit. ‘hail’) is a Soviet truck-mounted 122 mm multiple rocket launcher. The weapons system and the M-21OF rocket which it fires evolved in the early 1960s and saw their first combat use in March 1969 during the Sino-Soviet border conflict. BM stands for boyevaya mashina (Russian: боевая машина – combat vehicle), and the nickname grad means “hail”. The complete system with the BM-21 launch vehicle and the M-21OF rocket is designated as the M-21 field-rocket system

Source: BM-21 Grad on Wikipedia

BM-21 Grad on URAL 4320 Chassis Walk Around
PhotographerYuri Pasholok
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