M1 Grizzly

M1 Abrams

RoleMain battle tank
In service1980–present

The M1 Abrams is an American third-generation main battle tank named for General Creighton Abrams. Highly mobile, designed for modern armored ground warfare, the M1 is well armed and heavily armored. Notable features include a powerful AGT1500 multifuel turbine engine, sophisticated composite armor, and separate ammunition storage in a blow-out compartment for crew safety. Weighing nearly 68 short tons (almost 62 metric tons), it is one of the heaviest main battle tanks in service.

Source: M1 Abrams on Wikipedia

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M1 Grizzly Walk Around
PhotographerMarc van den Broeke
SpecializedM1 Grizzly Combat Mobility Vehicle (CMV)
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