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사진 갤러리 T-28 슈퍼 중전차, The T28 Super Heavy Tank was an American heavily armored tank self-propelled gun designed for the United States Army during World War II. It was originally designed to be used to break through German defenses of the Siegfried Line, and was later considered as a possible participant in the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland. The 100-ton vehicle was initially designated a heavy tank, it was re-designated as the 105 mm Gun Motor Carriage T95 in 1945, and then renamed in 1946 as the Super Heavy Tank T28.

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T-28 슈퍼 중전차
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The T-28 Super Heavy Tank was a prototype of a heavily armored tank/self-propelled gun that was designed for the United States Army during World War II. It was intended to break through the German defenses of the Siegfried Line, and later to participate in the planned invasion of Japan. However, the war ended before the tank could see any action.
The tank had a massive weight of 86 tons and a length of 11 meters. It had four tracks, two on each side, that could be detached for transportation by rail. The tank was powered by a Ford V8 gasoline engine that gave it a top speed of 13 km/h and a range of 160 km. The tank had a crew of four: a driver, a commander, a gunner and a loader.
The main armament of the tank was a 105 mm T5E1 gun mounted in a fixed casemate. The gun could fire two types of armor-piercing shells and high-explosive shells. The tank carried 62 rounds of ammunition and had a traverse of 10 degrees to the right and 11 degrees to the left. The elevation was from -5 to +19.5 degrees. The tank also had a .50 caliber Browning machine gun on the roof for anti-aircraft defense.
The tank had an impressive armor thickness of 305 mm on the front of the casemate, 133 mm on the lower hull and 63 mm on the other parts. The tank had two periscopes and a telescope for observation and aiming. The tank was also equipped with a radio and an intercom system.
Only two prototypes of the T-28 Super Heavy Tank were built by the Pacific Car and Foundry Company in 1945. One of them was damaged during testing and scrapped, while the other one was stored and forgotten until it was rediscovered in 1974. It is now preserved at the Fort Benning Armor Museum in Georgia.

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