T-29 중전차

T29 중전차


Tthe 중전차 T29 was an American heavy tank project started in March 1944 to counter the appearance of the German Tiger II heavy tank. The T29 was not ready in time for the war in Europe, but it did provide post-war engineers with opportunities for applying engineering concepts to artillery and automotive components.

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The T29 Heavy Tank was an American heavy tank project that started in 1944 as a response to the German Tiger II heavy tank. The T29 had a powerful 105 mm gun and a thick armor that could withstand enemy fire. The T29 was based on a modified version of the T26E3 chassis, which was later used for the M26 Pershing tank. The T29 weighed about 64 tons and had a crew of six. The T29 never saw combat in World War II, but it provided valuable experience for post-war engineers and designers. The T29 was one of the first American heavy tanks and influenced the development of later models such as the M103.

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