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Sikorsky S-61R

국가 미국
역할 중소 인접 전송/SAR 헬리콥터
먼저 항공편 1959
내장 Unknow

Sikorsky S-61R is a twin-engine helicopter used in transport or search and rescue roles. A developed version of the S-61/SH-3 Sea King, the S-61R was also built under license by Agusta as the AS-61R. The S-61R served in the United States Air Force as the CH-3C/E Sea King and the HH-3E Jolly Green Giant, and with the United States Coast Guard as the HH-3F “Pelican”.

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Sikorsky CH-3E Jolly Green Giant Walk Around
사진 블라디미르 Yakubov
현지화 항공 우주 박물관의 캘리포니아
사진 161
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