North American A-36A Apache

North American A-36A Apache

국가United States
역할Ground-attack/dive bomber
첫 비행October 1942

Tthe North American A-36 Apache (listed in some sources as “Invader”, but also called Mustang) was the ground-attack/dive bomber version of the North American P-51 Mustang, from which it could be distinguished by the presence of rectangular, slatted dive brakes above and below the wings. A total of 500 A-36 dive bombers served in North Africa, the Mediterranean, Italy and the China-Burma-India theater during World War II before being withdrawn from operational use in 1944.

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North American A-36A Apache
사진 작가존 헥
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역할Ground-attack/dive bomber
제조업체North American Aviation
디자이너Edgar Schmued
첫 비행October 1942
기본 사용자 United States Army Air Forces
빌드된 번호500
Developed fromP-51 머스탱

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North American A-36A Apache
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