M52A2 Camion

M52A2 Camion

Tipo5-ton 6×6 camion

Trattori were used to tow semi-trailers up to 37,500 lb (17,000 kg) with 15,000 lb (6,800 kg) on their fifth wheel. Semi-tractor/trailers have to stay on relatively flat ground, and are not rated for full off-road use. On improved roads they could tow up to 55,000 lb (25,000 kg) with 25,000 lb (11,000 kg) on their fifth wheel. Tractor trucks normally towed a 12-ton, 2-axle trailer. There were stake and platform, van, low-bed, and tanker bodies. Six-ton, 2-axle expansible vans and 6-ton, single-axle vans were also used

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M52A2 Camion Piedi Intorno
FotografoVladimir Yakubov
LocalizzazioneMotts Museo Militare
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M52 Camion, Trattore, 5 Tonnellate, 6×6 Piedi Intorno
FotografoVladimir Yakubov
LocalizzazioneMVCC Camp Delta

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