Fokker D. VII

Fokker D.VII

Paese Germania
Ruolo Fighter
Primo volo January 1918
Costruito 3300

Il Fokker D. VII was a German World War I fighter aircraft designed by Reinhold Platz of the Fokker-Flugzeugwerke. Germany produced around 3,300 D.VII aircraft in the second half of 1918. In service with the Luftstreitkräfte, the D.VII quickly proved itself to be a formidable aircraft. The Armistice ending the war specifically required Germany to surrender all D.VIIs to the Allies. Surviving aircraft saw much service with many countries in the years after World War I.

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Fokker D.VII Walk Around
Fotografo Vladimir Yakubov
Posizione Museo nazionale dell'USAF
Foto 53
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