Dodge WC14

Dodge WC14

Paese USA
Ruolo Camion
Prodotto 1940-1945
Costruito 329021 4×4 modelli

Il Dodge WC series was a range of light 4WD and medium 6WD military utility trucks, produced by Dodge and Fargo during World War II. Together with the ​1⁄4-ton jeeps produced by Willys and Ford, the Dodge ​1⁄2-tons and ​3⁄4-tons accounted for the bulk of light 4×4 trucks supplied to the U.S. Army in WW II, with Dodge building about half as many of these as the jeep. Contrary to the versatility of the highly standardized jeep, which was mostly achieved through field modification, the Dodge WC-series came in many purpose-built variants from the factory. The series included open- and closed-cab cargo and weapon carriers, command cars, reconnaissance vehicles, telephone installation trucks, panel vans, carryalls, ambulances and mobile workshops. WC1, WC5, WC12, WC14, WC40: Cabina chiusa, a due posti pick-up con una capacità di carico nominale di 1.000 libbre (450 kg).

Fonte: Dodge WC14 su Wikipedia
Dodge WC14, Truck, 1/2 ton, 4×4 Walk Around
Fotografo Vladimir Yakubov
Posizione MVCC Camp Delta
Foto 104
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Dodge WC14 da Net-Maquette
Dodge WC12, Truck, 1/2 ton, 4×4
FotografoVladimir Yakubov
PosizioneFort MacArthur, San Pedro

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