North American AT-6D Texan

North American AT-6D Texan

RôleSingle-engined advanced trainer aircraft
Premier vol1 April 1935

North American Aviation T-6 Texan is a single-engined advanced trainer aircraft used to train pilots of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF), United States Navy, Royal Air Force and other air forces of the British Commonwealth during World War II and into the 1970s. Designed by North American Aviation, the T-6 is known by a variety of designations depending on the model and operating air force. The United States Army Air Corps (USAAC) and USAAF designated it as the AT-6, the United States Navy the SNJ, and British Commonwealth air forces, the Harvard, the name it is best known by outside of the US. After 1962, US forces designated it the T-6. It remains a popular warbird aircraft used for airshow demonstrations and static displays. It has also been used many times to simulate various Japanese aircraft including the Mitsubishi A6M Zero in movies depicting World War II in the Pacific.

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North American AT-6D Texan
PhotographeVladimir Yakubov
LocalisationSalinas Air Show
PhotosTrente quatre
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RôleAvions d'entraînement
FabricantNorth American Aviation
Premier vol1 April 1935
À la retraite1995
Nombre construit15,495
Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard Mk.2B Walk Around
PhotographeMilan Sabo
Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard Walk Around
PhotographeCees Hendriks

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North American AT6/SNJ Texan Walk Around
PhotographeBill Maloney
LocalisationLa Puissance Aérienne Américaine Musée
PhotosVingt quatre

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