CH-53GS Super Étalon

RôleHélicoptère de transport lourd
Premier volLe 14 octobre 1964

Galerie de photos d’un CH-53GS Super Étalon, The CH-53 Sea Stallion is the most common name for the Sikorsky S-65 family of heavy-lift transport helicopters. Originally developed for use by the United States Marine Corps, it is in service with Germany, Iran, Israel, and Mexico. The United States Air Force operated the HH-53 « Géant vert super jolly » during the late– and post–Vietnam-War era, updating most of them as the MH-53 Pave Low. The dimensionally-similar CH-53E Super Stallion is a heavier-lifting, improved version designated S-80E by Sikorsky. Its third engine makes it more powerful than the Sea Stallion, which it has replaced in the heavy-lift mission.

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CH-53GS Super Stallion
PhotographeUlrich Wrede
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The CH-53A Sea Stallion is a heavy-lift transport helicopter developed by Sikorsky Aircraft for the United States Marine Corps. It was first introduced in 1966 and served in various missions such as troop transport, cargo delivery, and combat support.
The CH-53A can carry up to 38 troops or 13,000 pounds of cargo internally, or up to 15,000 pounds of cargo externally with a sling. The CH-53A is powered by two General Electric T64-GE-6 turboshaft engines and has a maximum speed of 170 knots and a range of 540 nautical miles.

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