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– The M103 heavy tank served the United States Army and the US Marines during the Cold War. Until the development of the M1A1 in the mid 1980s, it was the heaviest and most heavily-armed tank in US service. The M103 was manufactured at the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant and the first units were accepted in 1957.

– Le char M41 Walker Bulldog est un char de combat léger américain, qui a été conçu pour remplacer le char M24 Chaffee. Sa production a commencé en 1951 et il servit aussitôt durant la guerre de Corée. Il fut exporté dans plusieurs pays et combattit aussi bien durant la guerre du Vietnam qu’en Somalie.

Source: M103 heavy tank sur Wikipedia

Source: M41 sur Wikipedia

M103 Heavy Tank - M41 Light Tank - AFV Weapons 41
M103 Heavy Tank – M41 Light Tank – AFV Weapons 41
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