Partenavia P-68C

Partenavia P.68

CountryItalia, Germany
RoleLight transport
First flight1970

The Partenavia P.68, now Vulcanair P68, is an Italian six-seat, twin-engined, high-wing monoplane built by Partenavia and later Vulcanair. Designed by Professor Luigi Pascale and originally put into production in 1972, it was intended for private or business use but has also seen use as both a training and a transport aircraft. It was originally named the Victor, although this name was not used for the production aircraft. The P.68 Observer, which was an Italian/German development, has a transparent nose for use in police work and observation duties.

Source: Partenavia P.68 on Wikipedia

Partenavia P-68C Walk Around
PhotographersCees Hendriks
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The Partenavia P.68 is a light aircraft designed by Luigi Pascale and initially built by Italian Partenavia. It made its first flight on 25 May 1970 and received its type certification on 17 November 1971. The P.68 is a high-wing monoplane with twin piston engines and fixed tricycle landing gear. It can carry up to six passengers and is used for light transport and training. The P.68 has several variants, such as the P.68B with a longer fuselage, the P.68R with retractable landing gear, the P.68C with a nose-mounted weather radar, and the P.68 Observer with a transparent nose for observation missions. The P.68 is also available with turbocharged engines (P.68C-TC and P.68TC Observer) for improved performance at high altitudes. The P.68 has been produced by Vulcanair since 1998, after Partenavia went bankrupt. The P.68 is a versatile and reliable aircraft that has been operated by various civil and military customers around the world.

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