French VAB

French VAB

TypeArmoured recovery vehicle
PhotographLaurent Tabib
DescriptionAlbum of 57 photos walk-around of a «French VAB»

Photo gallery of a French VAB, The Véhicule de l’avant blindé or VAB (“Armoured vanguard vehicle” in French) is an armoured personnel carrier and support vehicle designed by the Euro Mobilité Division of GIAT Industries of France. It entered service in 1976; around 5,000 were produced.

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Wait, Searching French VAB photos for you…
Wait, Searching French VAB for you…

TypeArmoured personnel carrier
In service1976 – present
DesignerGIAT Industries
Weight13.8 tonnes
Length5.98 m
Height2.06 m
Width2.49 m
Operational range1,200 km
Speed110 km/h

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