Bristol Beaufort VIII

Bristol Beaufort

VaidmuoTorpeda bombonešis
Pirmasis skrydisSpalio 15 d., 1938 m.

Į Bristol Beaufort (manufacturer designation Type 152) was a British twin-engined torpedo bomber designed by the Bristol Aeroplane Company, and developed from experience gained designing and building the earlier Blenheim light bomber. At least 1,180 Beauforts were built by Bristol and other British manufacturers. The Australian government’s Department of Aircraft Production (DAP) also manufactured variants of the Beaufort. These are often known collectively as the DAP Beaufort. More than 700 Australian-built Beauforts saw service with the Royal Australian Air Force in the South West Pacific theatre, where they were used until the end of the war.

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FotografasCees Hendriks
Laukti, Ieškoti, Bristol Beaufort jums...

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