Vanagas Fury II

Hawker Fury

Pirmasis skrydis1931 m. kovo 25 d.

2007 Vanagas Fury yra britų dvipusis naikintuvas, kurį 1930-aisiais naudojo Karališkosios oro pajėgos.

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Vanagas Fury II
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The Hawker Fury was a British biplane fighter aircraft that entered service in 1931. It was the first RAF fighter to exceed 200 mph in level flight. The Fury was designed by Sydney Camm, who later created the Hurricane and the Typhoon. The Fury had a sleek and streamlined appearance, with a metal fuselage and fabric-covered wings. The Fury was armed with two synchronized Vickers machine guns, and could carry four 20-pound bombs under the wings. The Fury was praised for its agility and maneuverability, and was considered one of the best fighters of its time. The Fury saw action in several conflicts, including the Spanish Civil War, the Abyssinian Crisis, and the Second World War. The Fury was exported to several countries, such as Yugoslavia, Portugal, South Africa, and Iran. The Fury was eventually replaced by more modern monoplane fighters, such as the Hurricane and the Spitfire.

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