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Soviet Army Field Kitchen

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Fotogalleri af en Soviet Army Field Kitchen, A field kitchen is a mobile kitchen, mobile canteens or food truck used primarily by military services to provide warm food to the troops near the frontline or in temporary encampments.

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Soviet Army Field Kitchen A Soviet Army field kitchen was a mobile unit that provided hot food to soldiers near the front line or in temporary encampments during World War II. It consisted of a trailer or a truck with one or more cauldrons, a firewood compartment, and a storage space for food and utensils. The field kitchen used firewood as fuel, and had to cook early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid enemy detection. The main dishes served by the field kitchen were kulesh (a millet soup), borsch (a beetroot soup), shchi (a cabbage soup), and various groats and meats.
The daily rations for Soviet soldiers also included bread, flour, macaroni, fish, fats, oil, sugar, tea, salt, and vegetables. The field kitchen was operated by mostly female cooks, who had to demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness to prepare nutritious and varied meals for the troops. The food was delivered from the field kitchen to the frontlines by soldiers carrying heavy cauldrons through trenches under enemy fire.

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